Choose a Landing Page Copywriter That Can Speak Your Customers’ Language

Are you looking for a standalone web page designed to “warm up” prospective buyers? As an experienced landing page copywriter, I can help you create an engaging web page that serves one of two primary purposes:

Prime Potential Buyers for the Sale and Get Better Conversions

Too often, PPC and other traffic leads directly to a shopping cart (e.g. Amazon) or subscription page and doesn’t provide shoppers with enough information to make a sound purchase decision. Integrating a landing page into your sales funnel can help educate shoppers olanding page copywritingn your products or services and bring them closer to a buying decision, therefore leading to better conversions.

Generate Qualified Business Leads in Droves 

A lead gen landing page allows you to capture visitor information, such as their name and email address. You can then use this information to market to prospects down the road. Typically, lead generation landing pages include some kind of incentive to entice the prospect to offer up their information. This incentive may be in the form of a:

  • E-book or whitepaper
  • Free consultation
  • Discount coupon
  • Webinar registration
  • Free trial
  • Contest entry
  • Physical gift

Samples available upon request. Contact me today to discuss what this landing page copywriter can do for you.