Clear, Persuasive Copy that Brings More Customers & Fuels Your Business

What makes this freelance copywriter different?

More than just experience: After 12 years as a freelance copywriter, I know that great copy is about far more than stringing pretty words together. It's about connecting deeply with your audience on multiple levels.

My clients range from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations, across industries that include technology, healthcare, education, and fitness. No matter the nature of your business, I get to know your audience in ways most freelance copywriters don't - so I can speak to them in their language.  And when your prospective customers feel like you really "get" them - and can solve their problems - they're more inclined to choose your brand.

Brand illumination. It's what great copywriting is all about. It's what I'm all about.


I was gobsmacked with the quality, speed, and sheer power of Susan's words. Now, I never think of writing my own copy. I write a brief and my freelance copywriter Susan delivers - in spades. Jobs that used to take me weeks are done and making me money in a fraction of the time."

- Ken McGaffin, Internet Marketing Consultant

Copywriting Specialities



The text that forms the essential "bones" of your business website, helping to sell visitors on your organization, products / services, and differentiators - before they even pick up the phone.


A document (2 to 20 pages long) that outlines a common industry problem in conjunction with its solution. A white paper is typically used to convey thought leadership, generate leads, or close sales.


A dedicated web page where a user arrives after clicking on a link, designed with one business goal in mind (e.g. to sell a specific product). Also known as a "lead capture" or "destination" page.