Vibrant Marketing Copy that Builds Brand Credibility & Closes More Sales

As a business copywriter, what makes me different?

Need solid, hard-hitting marketing content that busts through the "white noise" of today's marketplace? As a business copywriter in the Rhode Island / Boston area, I get to know your audience in ways most copywriters don't - so I can speak to them in their language.  And when your prospective customers feel like you really "get" them - and can make their lives easier - they're more apt to choose your brand.

Why is good content so essential today? 

Audiences today are hungry for information - but they're more skeptical than ever about the hard sell. Executives want to learn all they can about your company before they sign on the dotted line. They want to know you can help solve the problems keeping them up at night. 

When you deliver a steady stream of high-value content to your audience - from case studies and emails to blog posts and infographics - they get to know you and your organization over time. In their eyes, you become a trusted expert. That means, when your prospect is ready to make a buying decision, your company and products will be the first that come to mind. 

You have enough on your plate. Why not trust your content to a seasoned business copywriter? Contact me to learn how I can elevate your marketing. 

I was gobsmacked with the quality, speed, and sheer power of Susan's words. Now, I never think of writing my own copy. I write a brief and my freelance copywriter Susan delivers - in spades. Jobs that used to take me weeks are done and making me money in a fraction of the time."

- Ken McGaffin, Internet Marketing Consultant

My Specialities as a Business Copywriter

A compelling, 2- to 4-page narrative that tells an enticing story about how one of your customers found success with your products or services. It's like a testimonial brought to life through quotes, graphics and metrics.
Thought leadership pieces can include white papers, feature articles and blog posts. These typically center on a hot topic relevant to your industry and are designed to position your brand as a go-to authority.
A dedicated web page where a user arrives after clicking on a link, designed with one business goal in mind (e.g. to sell a specific product). Also known as a "lead capture" or "destination" page.